Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zoo Tunes, Family-Style

(from Terri)

Ro got us tickets to see Tears for Fears for my birthday (yes, the same band known for 80s hits such as "Shout" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", among others).  I was super excited to not only get to see Tears for Fears on my actual birthday, but also to see a concert at the Oregon Zoo with the whole family.  

Radha got to check out some of the zoo exhibits before the show, but not all of them as there was a long line we had to go through to even get to the concert lawn.  We will definitely be visiting the zoo again soon.

Once we finally made it to the lawn we quickly grabbed one of the seemingly last pieces of lawn real estate and got Radha and ourselves fed during the opening act.
Radha enjoyed the crowd scene, and also provided some entertainment to us and the blanket "neighbors" as well.  She had a blast dancing to the music, crawling onto other people's blankets (everyone around us was incredibly kind and commented how well behaved she was), and making herself fall down on purpose (total comedian!).  She devoured her dinner (vegetable pasta, turkey, peas), a banana, some blanket neighbor's crackers and watermelon, and some of our baked beans.  I think she was inspired by the Asian pig she saw earlier that afternoon.  *oink oink*
Ro had picked up some earmuffs for Radha's hearing protection earlier in the week.  Although she didn't keep these on the whole time, and the concert wasn't especially loud, I think it was a good idea.  I suspect these will come in handy for more family concerts down the road!

The concert was great!  Tears for Fears played nearly all of their hits (80s and beyond) and after all that rockin' out and huge dinner, Radha fell asleep in her dad's arms (notice the multi-tasking that Ro is doing here with his new iPhone).

Even despite the long wait for the shuttle bus after the show, it was pretty much a perfect birthday celebration with fun music, friends, and most importantly, family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Skyrockets of Smiles

(from Terri)

Guess what we did for the 4th of July?  A whole lot of nothing but taking it easy, which was fine by me. Ro, Radha and I are taking it easy for the most part this summer. 

July 4th weekend is the time of Portland's annual Waterfront Blues Festival, and while we didn't go to the fest, we did have a really nice morning walk on the 4th across the river where the festival takes place. 

Radha kept cool in her cute summer 4th of July dress from Grandma Sandy (if you look closely enough, you can see little stars and cherries on her dress and inside the cherries are little flags!)