Sunday, June 29, 2008

Farmer's Market

We took Radha to the Hollywood Farmer's Market yesterday, on the hottest day so far this year.  We were glad we made the effort, since it was probably the best time to see so many things at the market at their peak of freshness.  We filled the fridge with strawberries, cherries, zucchini, kale, and lettuce.  Later in the day, Terri and I took advantage of Grandma coming to babysit again, and went out to Toro Bravo.  So, we got to enjoy local produce in two very different ways in the same day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friends, Human and Inanimate

(from Terri)

Now that we're feeling a bit more comfortable getting out and about with Radha, we've been getting together with friends more these days.  We've been especially eager to meet up with other parents and hoping to build a circle of potential playmates for Radha, as well as develop her social skills.

My friend Robin and her lovely daughter Claire stopped by one afternoon this week.  Robin was so nice to bring gifts, including a cool wooden rattle and a summer dress outfit for Radha but also all the fixings for huevos rancheros for Ro and I.  How awesome is that?  (She had no idea that huevos is one of Ro's favorite breakfast dishes).  We already made an dinner out of them one night and it was heavenly.

Claire is a little older than a year, so while she's in a totally different developmental stage than Radha obviously, it was fun for Radha to "share" some of her toys with Claire.  We got this barnyard toy from Ro's co-workers.  We hadn't really pulled it out until this last week, but boy does it have a bunch of bells and whistles!  Radha loves the noises the animals make and it also plays a few songs when you spin the wheel on top.  I think Radha was a bit confused and wondering who this other cute girl was in the house though!

Speaking of friends, Radha and I went to our second "new moms group" on Friday, which includes a wide range of babies from a few weeks up to six months.  One little girl "graduated" from the group this Friday.  It's pretty crazy being in a big room full of moms and babies...I think there may have been around 15 or so moms and babies this week!  the connecting and relating with other moms with little ones around the same age is really comforting and reaffirming, plus it's cool to be in a space where you can not be phased by your child fussing, crying or feel awkward about nursing or changing diapers in front of strangers.  Some moms have organized some playgroups and we're looking forward to participating in those in the next little while, including meeting up with my friend Liz and her adorable daughter Fiona (who was born just a few days before Radha.)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Droolie Bubbles

Droolie Bubbles
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The bibs we've received as gifts are finally coming in handy these days. Radha's latest thing seems to be making lots of drool and bubbles while she attempts to make some verbal babble of sorts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Introductions (Part 2)

The same time that Uncle Avinash and family were visiting, we also had the pleasure of hosting my mom from Lousiana for a few days.  It was her first visit to Portland since Ro and I got married in 2003, not to mention her first time seeing our house, meeting Mookie, and of course, the main event...meeting the first grandchild!

Being June and Rose Festival time in Portland, Radha, one of the things I 
did with my mom was to take her and Radha to the International Rose Test Gardens to see the hundreds of varieties of roses in bloom.  Although I admit roses are not my favorite flower, I love seeing the rows and rows of colors and fragrances.  Going there every few years never gets boring, nor does seeing the gorgeous views of Mt. Hood on a clear day.  That day also was one of the longest outings for Radha yet because after the gardens we had lunch at Kennedy School and groceries and my first time breastfeeding out and about (which went pretty well except for a coughing fit while I was eating my lunch at the same time!).

Although time with the grandbaby was certainly the priority, it was nice to also get some non-baby mother-daughter time (thanks to Ro) as my mom and I weeded the back yard (picking up where my sister left off) and went and got my hair cut.  Mom even bought my stylist a bagel at the coffee shop next door...just because she's nice like that.  Mom helped a lot with stuff around the house while Radha and I went to my first "new moms group" which was a very positive, affirming and grounding experience for me.  After hearing some of the challenges that other mothers are going through, I feel incredibly lucky.

Grandma Sandy and Radha had a nice time getting to know each other.  We only wish she lived closer.  :(  These family visits are as much of a treat for us as they are for the relatives.  It gives our arms a break from holding her and we also get more adult conversation time as well!  

As much attention as Radha has received over her first two months we suspect this girl won't be as shy as she gets older.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Family Introductions (Part 1)

It's been a whirlwind of activity at our house the past week.  Ro's uncle Avinash from Columbia, Maryland, and his children, came to visit the Vancouver-Portland area for the first time in a few years.  My mom, who recently moved to outside New Orleans, also visited (see next blog post).

Everyone enjoyed meeting Radha for the first time and got to see her in all her range of moods, from wide-eyed interactive and babbling to fussing and kicking her legs like she was running a marathon.  Nina and Alekh, Ro's cousins, were very happy to hold her and talk to her and didn't seem overwhelmed by a crying baby at all...we were impressed!  (I think Alekh was trying to get Radha to smile in the third picture above).

Everyone seems to love Radha's strawberry outfit, as seen here.  I'm sad to report that the little miss has just about outgrown this newborn outfit; however, I know that both grandmas are excited to have Radha grow big enough to fit into some of her new summer dresses.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Break For Hands

And here we present Radha during some Tummy Time on Father's Day.  

It's a lot of work doing the Tummy Time...quite a bit of energy is used up.  Because of this, Radha made sure to take a break from her exercises for some hand licking.  And then the routine fuss started so we conveniently stopped the camera to spare our blog readers.  :P

The Boxer

Testing our first video post!  Just a quick video of Radha "boxing" away in her bouncer chair.  We think she prefers the toy lion on the bar more than the elephants.


Each day brings us more and more surprises.  This week Radha produced big ol' social smiles for her mom, dad, and Grandma Sood,  all within a few days of each other.

It's hard to convey the pure joy that a parent feels when you see your child truly smile at you for the first time (not the smile of "I'm making a big ol' poopy in the diaper you just put on me").  For those of you reading this that are already parents, I know you get what that feeling is about!

Although very difficult to capture, we did manage a shot of Radha giving a smile to her dad while doing some Tummy Time yesterday.

Also, for Father's Day Radha gave her dad a crying-free bath and slept on his lap for the ENTIRE Turkey vs Czech Republic soccer game.  The best Father's Day gift ever!


We're at least a week behind in updates but feel we have a valid excuse for the lack of timely blog posts!

We couldn't let last weekend past by without getting outside while it was sunny, dry, and in the mid-70s.  After some discussion about local options we decided to head over to Sauvie Island for a bit of nature and fresh air.  What a day it was, with amazing views of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and all kinds of beautiful flora and fauna.

It was our first chance to use the sun hat one of our friends got Radha, even though it's a bit on the big side, but boy it was needed that day!  Maybe our next visit to Sauvie Island with Radha she'll be able to walk on the nature trail at the wildlife refuge on her own or pick some berries at one of the produce farms.  We definitely forsee some pumpkin patch visits down the road... 

Friday, June 6, 2008

Visit to Work

Last week Radha and I took advantage of the nice weather and walked up to Alberta Street and visited my work offices.  

It was the first chance to show off our little girl to my co-workers.  Here is a picture snapped by one of my former office mates, Dawn.  Radha had just woken up from her nap during the walk.

Naturally, everyone commented on how cute and small Radha is, as well as discussing which parent she looks more like.  :)  It was nice to visit with folks and not be complaining about my heartburn for once!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

In one corner, weighing in at...

Hard to believe Radha had a (light) weight issue when we left the hospital last month.  We took her into the pediatrician yesterday to get an official weight. 

As you can see, she was not too pleased with getting stripped down for this weigh-in.  But we were pleased to see how healthy and big she has grown, now at 10 lbs 2 oz.  Nearly a two pound gain since her last appointment a month ago!