Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Introductions (Part 2)

The same time that Uncle Avinash and family were visiting, we also had the pleasure of hosting my mom from Lousiana for a few days.  It was her first visit to Portland since Ro and I got married in 2003, not to mention her first time seeing our house, meeting Mookie, and of course, the main event...meeting the first grandchild!

Being June and Rose Festival time in Portland, Radha, one of the things I 
did with my mom was to take her and Radha to the International Rose Test Gardens to see the hundreds of varieties of roses in bloom.  Although I admit roses are not my favorite flower, I love seeing the rows and rows of colors and fragrances.  Going there every few years never gets boring, nor does seeing the gorgeous views of Mt. Hood on a clear day.  That day also was one of the longest outings for Radha yet because after the gardens we had lunch at Kennedy School and groceries and my first time breastfeeding out and about (which went pretty well except for a coughing fit while I was eating my lunch at the same time!).

Although time with the grandbaby was certainly the priority, it was nice to also get some non-baby mother-daughter time (thanks to Ro) as my mom and I weeded the back yard (picking up where my sister left off) and went and got my hair cut.  Mom even bought my stylist a bagel at the coffee shop next door...just because she's nice like that.  Mom helped a lot with stuff around the house while Radha and I went to my first "new moms group" which was a very positive, affirming and grounding experience for me.  After hearing some of the challenges that other mothers are going through, I feel incredibly lucky.

Grandma Sandy and Radha had a nice time getting to know each other.  We only wish she lived closer.  :(  These family visits are as much of a treat for us as they are for the relatives.  It gives our arms a break from holding her and we also get more adult conversation time as well!  

As much attention as Radha has received over her first two months we suspect this girl won't be as shy as she gets older.

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