Sunday, June 15, 2008


Each day brings us more and more surprises.  This week Radha produced big ol' social smiles for her mom, dad, and Grandma Sood,  all within a few days of each other.

It's hard to convey the pure joy that a parent feels when you see your child truly smile at you for the first time (not the smile of "I'm making a big ol' poopy in the diaper you just put on me").  For those of you reading this that are already parents, I know you get what that feeling is about!

Although very difficult to capture, we did manage a shot of Radha giving a smile to her dad while doing some Tummy Time yesterday.

Also, for Father's Day Radha gave her dad a crying-free bath and slept on his lap for the ENTIRE Turkey vs Czech Republic soccer game.  The best Father's Day gift ever!

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Richa said...

What a lovely smile Radha has! Sweet picture... thanks for sharing :)