Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Word Explosion

Our household has encountered a verbal explosion of words and sentences lately.

Ro and I have been waiting for these moments for a while, for when we could carry an actual, real conversation with Radha. And now it's happening! It's so much fun to hear Radha put words together, and sometimes the results are pretty hilarious. We have no idea where she heard some of the things, or where she got the concepts from, and others are fairly obvious.

Here is a sampling of sentences and phrases that Radha has been repeating a lot lately:
  • Have a good day, Momma.
  • Radha Simone Wiley-Sood is eating strawberrries.

  • Mommy come too? Daddy come too?

  • Let's eat the chocolate (pronounced CHALK-OH-LOT) Momma.

  • This is the best book ever.

  • It happens.

  • Hop on the Dana! Hop on the Max! (reference to our neighbor's kids)

  • I like broccoli trees.

  • Baby Mook crying.

  • Daddy driving to work. *makes sound of car driving*

  • Ladybugs sleeping. (said during daycare when her class was exploring soil and looking at bugs and plants in the soil)

  • Go away Momma! Go away Daddy! (usually said in fun when she wants one of us to hide and play hide-and-seek with her)
  • You said it a long time ago.
  • You said it, boys and girls!
  • No problem! (said when pretending to talk on the phone with a real phone or her play "cell phone")
Of course, this list will only be growing, but we wanted to share a sampling of the word fun before we forget to document this fun stage.