Friday, July 25, 2008

Pure Joy

Can it get any better than this?  

It is so worth it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bath Time

after a bath
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For a while we were starting to think that this little girl preferred a little dirt and grime on her.

She just wasn't a fan of baths. Lately though, she seems to be enjoying them more and even grinning a bit. Maybe it helped that we started singing "Rubber Ducky" to her and she started to realize she could play with her rubber duck (one animal toy yet to be named; Ducky is too easy although the Pretty In Pink reference is fun).

We present her here, just out of the bath in her koala bath robe/towel. If computers had a scratch and sniff feature, you would smell one super clean baby right now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Home and Work Merge

(from Terri)
July has been a pretty busy month and we just haven't had the time to update the blog as we know some folks would like us to, but here's a brief update.

I started back to work this month part-time from home.  It's been an interesting adjustment, learning to tune things out and missing the hum of my previous office space.  I'm glad I invested in some quality headphones last year!  It's been two weeks now and I feel like the three of us have adjusted pretty well to the routine.  Radha is perfectly content to get nothing but dad time in the morning and has no problem taking a bottle while I pump (I think someone should make one of those construction signs that says, "Caution: Women at Work Pumping". I mean, there's got to be something like that out there already, right?).

Radha is doing great.  More of her hair is coming in, she continues to gain weight (you should see her thighs, some definition happening there!), and she is smiling, cooing, and gurgling more often as she has "conversations" with us.  Early morning and evening walks are helping us all cool down on the hot days and hanging out in her diaper as needed.

Aside from getting back into the work groove, we've been busy researching infant day care centers (pre-pregnancy I had no idea how much fewer options there are for kids under 2 years old), dealing with some house contracting work, and continuing to show off our beautiful girl to friends who haven't met her yet.  I think we've had social obligations every Saturday and Saturday this month it seems, but all for good reason.

Our good friend Jen visited a few weeks ago during one of the monster heat spells and presented us with a really cool gift, which is now my latest favorite outfit of Radha's: a sock monkey onesie, seen here.  It's not just any plain ol' sock monkeys, but sock monkeys scuba diving, swimming, and looking for underwater buried treasure.  It will go well nicely with the sock monkey bib we got from one of my co-workers.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Radha Speaks

Radha Speaks
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Here is a little taste of what Radha has been doing the past few days.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Radha's First Visit to the Coast

A quick video of Radha and her dad at the coast in Oceanside.

Cruisin' to the Coast

As folks who live in Portland know, it was dang hot last weekend.  Although our basement is a few degrees cooler than upstairs, it was still a pretty miserable weekend.  Just holding Radha just made her sweaty and sticky.

We decided to trade in the heat for some cool ocean air and head to the coast.  This was the first road trip with Radha and we had no idea how things would go.  We figured, if anything, we would be out of the hot and stuffy house and in an air-conditioned car.  We also figured I would nurse Radha before we left, and if we needed to stop on the side of the road for another feeding or fuss, we would just wing it.

I think we lucked out as Radha napped on both legs of the trip.  We had packed up a blanket and assorted baby gear, thinking we would possibly lounge on the beach.  As a typical coast trip goes, it was mostly cloudy at the coast and quite a bit cooler.  Still, it beat being home!  Radha seemed to like the ocean air as it made her more sleepy.  We decided it was still a bit cool for lounging so we just walked for a long time while I picked up my usual assortment of shells and cool rocks.

The most challenging part of the trip was diaper changing.  We discovered that with a full trunk and slanting seats of a sedan, it's not so easy to have a mobile changing station (unlike a family-friendly wagon or hatchback with raised trunk).  Despite this, we managed the change without incident, phew!  I can't wait until Radha gets older and we can make sandcastles with her.