Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Home and Work Merge

(from Terri)
July has been a pretty busy month and we just haven't had the time to update the blog as we know some folks would like us to, but here's a brief update.

I started back to work this month part-time from home.  It's been an interesting adjustment, learning to tune things out and missing the hum of my previous office space.  I'm glad I invested in some quality headphones last year!  It's been two weeks now and I feel like the three of us have adjusted pretty well to the routine.  Radha is perfectly content to get nothing but dad time in the morning and has no problem taking a bottle while I pump (I think someone should make one of those construction signs that says, "Caution: Women at Work Pumping". I mean, there's got to be something like that out there already, right?).

Radha is doing great.  More of her hair is coming in, she continues to gain weight (you should see her thighs, some definition happening there!), and she is smiling, cooing, and gurgling more often as she has "conversations" with us.  Early morning and evening walks are helping us all cool down on the hot days and hanging out in her diaper as needed.

Aside from getting back into the work groove, we've been busy researching infant day care centers (pre-pregnancy I had no idea how much fewer options there are for kids under 2 years old), dealing with some house contracting work, and continuing to show off our beautiful girl to friends who haven't met her yet.  I think we've had social obligations every Saturday and Saturday this month it seems, but all for good reason.

Our good friend Jen visited a few weeks ago during one of the monster heat spells and presented us with a really cool gift, which is now my latest favorite outfit of Radha's: a sock monkey onesie, seen here.  It's not just any plain ol' sock monkeys, but sock monkeys scuba diving, swimming, and looking for underwater buried treasure.  It will go well nicely with the sock monkey bib we got from one of my co-workers.

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