Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friends, Human and Inanimate

(from Terri)

Now that we're feeling a bit more comfortable getting out and about with Radha, we've been getting together with friends more these days.  We've been especially eager to meet up with other parents and hoping to build a circle of potential playmates for Radha, as well as develop her social skills.

My friend Robin and her lovely daughter Claire stopped by one afternoon this week.  Robin was so nice to bring gifts, including a cool wooden rattle and a summer dress outfit for Radha but also all the fixings for huevos rancheros for Ro and I.  How awesome is that?  (She had no idea that huevos is one of Ro's favorite breakfast dishes).  We already made an dinner out of them one night and it was heavenly.

Claire is a little older than a year, so while she's in a totally different developmental stage than Radha obviously, it was fun for Radha to "share" some of her toys with Claire.  We got this barnyard toy from Ro's co-workers.  We hadn't really pulled it out until this last week, but boy does it have a bunch of bells and whistles!  Radha loves the noises the animals make and it also plays a few songs when you spin the wheel on top.  I think Radha was a bit confused and wondering who this other cute girl was in the house though!

Speaking of friends, Radha and I went to our second "new moms group" on Friday, which includes a wide range of babies from a few weeks up to six months.  One little girl "graduated" from the group this Friday.  It's pretty crazy being in a big room full of moms and babies...I think there may have been around 15 or so moms and babies this week!  the connecting and relating with other moms with little ones around the same age is really comforting and reaffirming, plus it's cool to be in a space where you can not be phased by your child fussing, crying or feel awkward about nursing or changing diapers in front of strangers.  Some moms have organized some playgroups and we're looking forward to participating in those in the next little while, including meeting up with my friend Liz and her adorable daughter Fiona (who was born just a few days before Radha.)

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Robin said...

Oh good, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the huevos rancheros. We enjoyed our visit- thanks for having us over!