Saturday, September 27, 2008


Now that Radha has her head control she's been able to spend a lot of playtime in her "exersaucer".   
We were fortunate enough to get this item gently used from one of Ro's co-workers.   It's been especially nice to have a structure that supports her while she plays because she outgrew her bouncer chair last month. (The amount of clothes she has outgrown already is pretty staggering!)

Can you see the drool coming from her mouth in that picture?  Clearly, she's working really hard at spinning those colored takes a lot of focus and attention!  She likes the cylinders (which each make a different sound when spun) and the sun rattle the best.

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Lizzie said...

How do you get those socks to stay on? Fiona inherited the same "entertainment center" from a family down the block and LOVES it. We park it in front of the kitchen door while I'm cooking.

Radha sure is a drool machine. I love that concentrated little look on her face! Cute!