Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Southern Visitor

(from Terri)
My mom left the warmth of her home in Louisiana for a visit to see us last month. Grandma Sandy hadn't seen Radha since June last year, so as you can imagine the changes she saw in Radha were quite drastic and exciting. More hair, more weight, more foods, more verbal, more mobile...what a change from Radha's first three months!

Despite all of us feeling under the weather at one point or another during Grandma Sandy's visit, we had a nice mellow time hanging out, with a few trips to the park and restaurants for dinner. Grandma Sandy graciously offered to babysit one night while Ro and I enjoyed a belated Valentine's Day dinner with just the two of us.

Here are some pictures from Grandma Sandy's visit:

My mom and I at the Portland Chinese Classical Gardens in Chinatown/Old Town. It was nice to have Chinese tea and cookies in the teahouse; very relaxing! I've been to the teahouse here multiple times but never get tired of it. The choices of tea are endless and the stress just melts away the minute I walk into the door from the tranquil atmosphere.

Both grandmothers and our family at Ro's parents' house:

I love Chinese food! Now where is my fortune cookie Grandma?

Radha and Grandma Sandy playing with Radha's nametag from Book Babies at the library. She and Grandma Sandy got into quite the game of "Stick the Sticker On My Nose."

I'm not going high enough yet Grandma!

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