Friday, November 6, 2009

We Have Lift Off

(from Terri)

It's official...Radha started walking last month and has been enjoying her new sense of mobility and independence since. Granted, she is still walking with a bit of a drunken sailor swagger but she can move from Point A to Point B if she is determined enough.

We just had her year and a half check-up this week. She has grown an average of one inch a month in the past three months! No wonder the 18-month pants seem to be fitting like capri pants on her.

Radha was also very happy to be reunited with her Dadima last weekend too, as Dadima had finally returned from a several weeks long trip to India. In this video Radha has fun with a wooden flute that Dadima brought from India, and she has been having fun showing her teddy bears how to "play" it. We have recently started a music class and maybe she's getting some new ideas from class.

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Anonymous said...

Ivy's got the drunken sailor thing going, too, which was really funny when she was rummaging through the recycling and came up with a wine bottle. I tried to get video, but in retrospect, perhaps it's fine that I didn't get video of a toddler stumbling around drunkenly with a wine bottle.

That doesn't mean I'm not diving for the video camera if she does it again, though :-)