Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun and Games

(from Terri)

It's true what they say...having a kid makes you feel and behave like a kid again.

Lately Radha has been having lots of fun with active, physical games. "More Momma? More Dadda?" These are Radha's popular requests these days to play hide and seek. One of us will hide down the hallway, around a corner, and before we can barely catch our breath Radha has ran over to find and "tag" us with a hug. Ro and I will often take turns hiding, or one of us might make a stealth exit out of the game to do something around the house.

We've only seen Radha do this once, but a few weeks ago she was apparently inspired by the early 80s break dancers and put on this performance, which I've titled: Breakin' 2: Radha Boogaloo.

Yeah, this stuff is fun. And Radha's fun and laughter is totally contagious.

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