Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things Just Got a Whole Lot Messier

(from Terri)
Earlier this month 
we decided it was time to give Radha something totally new:  solid food. Well, not actually solid, more like slightly thicker liquid food, but something other than mom's milk.  

Can you imagine eating nothing but the same thing for six months, and then, BAM, a whole new flavor profile and explosion in your mouth?  No wonder the reactions are really weird.  Here's what we've tried thus far.

First food:  organic brown rice cereal
Second food: pureed pears
Third food: pureed sweet potatoes

Radha was pretty weirded out by the rice cereal since it was a whole new thing but she wasn't exactly thrilled.  We thought maybe it was too warm, or too cold, and wondered why she didn't take to it immediately.  After hearing some experiences of other moms at the moms group, I realized it's pretty bland on it's own and why not just move onto something different, although we plan to try it again because it's got some important vitamins in it that she needs. 

Radha liked the pears much better, but seemed to give us mixed signals.  She occasionally would lick the spoon fine, but then turn her head, yet stick out her tongue as if she wanted more.  What did it mean?  A few more servings of pear and then we were done with that and time to move on.   Sweet potatoes?  Instant hit!  

Radha was learning forward, lurching towards the spoon, mouth open, and grabbing for the spoon.   Who knows what makes babies like one thing more than another, but I predict much more sweet potato in our future (luckily we eat them pretty often anyways).  Next on her menu will be avocado and banana, two of my personal favorites.

Our other big realization from the foray into solid foods?   We should probably get some of those rubber bibs that wipe off easily!


Kablammie said...

Wipeable bibs! That's a good tip :)

Heidi said...

she looks so great! i love the stats and photos. solid food is such a fun time-- and a mess. favorite bib of mine is the bumkins bib-- can wash in the sink and they dry before the next feeding: