Sunday, November 9, 2008

Party Time, Excellent!

(from Terri)
Sorry we're a bit late with this post, but we promised Radha's fans that we would post some pictures from Radha's first Halloween.  Thanks to my mom, Radha got to wear a cool kitty-cat costume for her first Halloween. 

Before our party I took her to work to show off her costume (here she's thinking, "Check me out, I'm the kool kat!")

The only glitch was that we were invited to a party with an "Under the Sea" theme.  No problem; we just told everyone that she was a CATfish instead.   :)  I went as seaweed (using an old green graduation robe) and Ro went as Steve Zissou from the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

The same weekend Radha got to celebrate her first Diwali, which is a Hindu holiday and festival of lights.  We took the opportunity to dress her up very girly in a fancy silver dress, which we had received from family friends at our baby shower.   Here she is with her Babaji:

Of course, last Tuesday was Election Night and we had a election party to attend.  Talk about excitement!   We managed to squeeze Radha into her "Obama Baby" onesie for probably the last time.   It must have brought Obama some good luck considering the results, which we were all thrilled about.  

With three parties within a week, Radha was quite the party animal!   Going to all these parties was a good learning experience for all of us (ex: how long it takes to get out of the house, mingling, eating, and drinking while holding a squirmy baby, first guests to arrive and first to leave, etc.).  But all were fun and Radha got to meet some of her internet admirers and new faces, all which hopefully will make her a pretty socialable kid over time.


Kablammie said...

I know what you mean about being the first to arrive, the first to leave. D and I went to a work social event this past weekend, held at a bowling alley. We stayed for max. of 45 minutes. Sensory overload! But hey--at least we made an appearance.

Ankesh said...

Can that baby be any cuter?!?