Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Mayhem

(from Terri)
I finally hosted my playgroup of moms and babies last week.  It was the first time I had hosted this particular group; the first time we had planned to do this, Radha got sick.

We had 8 babies and moms altogether in our living room.  As you can imagine it's difficult to get all babies in one picture, so not everyone was captured here!

When we tried to put everyone on the couch for a group shot, all hell broke loose!  This seems to be the case with the group baby pictures.  The crying seems to always be contagious.  Radha tried to take her friend Molly's toy, various babies pulling hair, trying to eat body parts of other babies, etc.  Pure mayhem!  

Should I feel bad that I was laughing at bit at the chaos?  (I wasn't the only mom laughing, by the way!)  And boy, did we need to do a thorough cleaning of Radha's toys after this playgroup.

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