Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, Meet Radha

(from Terri)
Well, almost everyone by now has heard about Portland's record-breaking and highly unusual winter storms (aka, Snowpocalypse 2008) that swept through our city, starting last week.  People seem to have a love/hate relationship with the snow and it brings out the opportunity to gripe about the city's lack of snowplows, use of salt, blah blah blah.   It's also a time when us non-native Oregonians bond over the days of our youth in Iowa/Minnesota/other bitterly-cold-winter-States and how we had it "so bad" during winters and how this storm is "nothing like the ones I grew up with", how Portlanders don't know how to drive in the snow, blah blah blah...

I'm kind of tired of talking about the weather and more tired of having it hamper a lot of plans (holiday, family, social, work, doctor's appointments, etc.).  It's been fun snow, and while it's cool that Radha got to meet you at our house (without having to drive up to Mt. Hood), I think we need a break from each other for a while.  Nothing personal?  

But I'm not too tired of taking pictures to remember you fondly:

To the above left is our hilly street, looking northbound.  Now snow-covered, it's popular with bicyclists (yes, still biking in the snow, gotta love Portland), skiiers, a dog sledder (Ro spotted, yes, actually pulled by dogs), and kids and parents sledding.  Today I even saw a couple of hardcore joggers in the snow!  For obvious reasons, our street is NOT popular with buses and cars going northbound, and sometimes even southbound.  When this weather hits, we typically have free entertainment and start counting the number of minor accidents and stalled cars in front of the house.  

Kids like to eat snow, right?  We gave Radha a tiny bit, just to see what her reaction would be.  Clearly, she's not impressed.  We may have to cross off future Winter Olympic Skiier off her list.

During one of the less windy days we all ventured down to the library and store (where onions were sold out of, oddly enough).  Interaction with the outside world was a pleasant change for us; we were all going a bit stir-crazy being homebound.

Radha gets a close-up look at this fluffy white stuff a week ago during the first snowfall day.

Snowfall at night outside our house.

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