Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Prediction Game Results!

We have a winner in the Prediction Game that was played at the baby shower!  It was very interesting seeing the results.  Since R was so late, there was hardly anyone close on the date, and why did all of you think she was a boy?  Without further ado:

Radha's stats:

10:29 pm, April 22
20.5 inches
7lbs 13 oz

And the winner of the grand prize of $11 is Ro's Dad!  No nepotism, I swear!  His guess was 10pm, April 15, 20 inches, 7lbs 8oz, boy.  Not bad, Dad.

Honorable mentions go to Ron (April 9, 5:27am, 7lbs 11oz, 19.5 inches, boy); and Sarah's team, for being the only one to guess Girl.  Thanks for playing!

1 comment:

Geeta said...

If I was there, I totally would have won! I knew that she was going to be a girl.