Saturday, April 26, 2008

Radha comes home

Well, we all made it out of hospital land and back home yesterday.  It's great to be in your own environment away from the constant interruptions and general drama of the hospital.  Though the house is a bit of a disaster at the moment, we're happy to be around a familiar environment.  We're pretty crazy busy at the moment, getting a feeding schedule going for Radha, which has to happen every two hours!  It doesn't leave too much time for anything else.  But every time the alarm goes off and I struggle to get out of bed, as soon as I see my daughter, it make it all worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of well wishes.  T&I wish we could respond to all of you individually, but will get around to seeing everyone sometime in the near future!



Anonymous said...

it makes me feel like crying seeing the picture of you three!! what an amazing and beautiful little family.

again...cannot WAIT until i am there!

love V bhua

Anonymous said...

These are precious days- hard on you, for sure, but so sweet and wonderful in the newness of it all. Hold that baby tight and try to enjoy every moment. You won't believe how fast she'll grow!

Congratulations again on your little beauty!