Wednesday, May 21, 2008

cupcakes & community

Although Radha isn't walking or crawling yet, we can already picture her playing on the cool new playground at our local park.

Sunday we walked just a few blocks over to the Sabin HydroPark and Community Gardens re-opening event.  The City has spent the past year or so revamping the park, which has 
mostly been known for its two giant water towers and a hangout for teenagers at night.  The Portland Water Bureau worked together with the Parks & Recreation Department, as well as our neighborhood association (Sabin) and committed neighbors to clean up the park and really make it attractive and usable again.  The park now has a cool new play structure, new swings, new picnic benches, fresh mulch, more accessible, and more and improved community garden plots.

of the City 
commissioners was there to give kudos to City employees and kick off the re-opening.  But, let's
be honest.  We also went because of the promise of a "community cupcake potluck."  
Who doesn't 
like cupcakes?  Granted, having a barely month-old-baby doesn't give us much time to bake so we brought some tasty but store bought mini-
cupcakes.  They weren't as pretty as some of the big homemade ones that other neighbors brought, but oh well, they were still tasty! 

Radha didn't get to enjoy the cupcakes but she did enjoy some shade with her dad on the very hot 95+ degree day.  


Dennis said...

Are those Swedish Fish(TM) on those cupcakes? If so, that's a little strange.

Terri & Ro said...

Why, yes, they are indeed Swedish/gummi fish. We didn't have one of those cupcakes though. But we did see one girl pick off a gummi fish and leave the cupcake. :)