Monday, May 12, 2008

First Mother's Day

Today Ro goes back to work after three weeks off.  None of us are very excited about this, but it was inevitable.  Mookie expressed her feelings on the subject by throwing up on the rug in our bedroom, in not one spot, but two.  Just for good measure.

I'm already breaking new records on my quickest shower as we juggle watching Radha while getting back into our normal weekday routines.  As she gets older and we get more confident with knowing her cries, movements, and expressions I know this will get easier, but in the meantime it's a delicate juggling act.

Yesterday was Mother's Day, the first parental celebration in our household.  I celebrated by not leaving the house, watching a Paula Deen (of Food Network) DVD about barbecue, enjoying a visit with Babaji and Grandma Sood, reading the Sunday paper (over the course of the day), and take-out of fish and chips.  Several family members and friends called to wish me a Happy (first) Mother's Day and Radha (with help from her dad) gave me a very cute card and surprise photo of her and I sleeping on the couch together.  I love napping with her.

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Anonymous said...

happy mother's day new mommy!

glad to hear that you all are getting some sense of normalcy (whatever that means!)-