Monday, May 5, 2008

Great Weekend!

Getting bigger every day!  Looks like she's ready to smile!

Tummy time with Grandma.

In the sling.

We have been really enjoying ourselves since the last post!  Radha is eating and sleeping like a champ, T is healing more every day, and we are starting to re-expand our little world and get back to a more permanent mode of operation.  After one failed attempt, we managed to get Radha in a sling and take her out for a walk to enjoy the amazing weather we've had lately.  We may be ready in the next little while to take her to a restaurant, or to actually drive to a destination other than the doctor's office!  We've also give her tummy time a bit, which she seems to be enjoying.


Last weekend, Radha got to spend lots of time with her aunts on Ro's side (we call them bhuas), and her grandparents (who we call Babaji and Grandma).  She loved all the attention, and of course stopped fussing the second they arrived, only to start again as soon as they left!!  

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