Wednesday, August 13, 2008

5 + 10 = 1

(from Terri)
It's hard to believe that Ro and I have been married for five years now and altogether as a couple for ten.  When we first met we had no idea our meeting would turn into anything serious, let alone marriage and this incredible baby down the road.

Lately Radha has just been hanging out enjoying the dry (and very hot lately!) Portland summer.  We've been exploring our backyard (where the above picture was taken), local parks (picture below), and downtown.  

I realize this may not sound like a big deal to some, but when you have a baby every outing requires a bit of planning and preparedness.  When we arrive to a fun destination without a diaper blow-out or crying meltdown in one piece, it becomes a big accomplishment.


Dad said...

What warm wonderful beautiful sentiments! I love you all.

robin said...

It is an accomplishment. And just when you get it all figured out, they change! But it's all great anyway.

It seems Robert and I are exactly one year behind you guys. We're at four years married and nine years together. An hey, look at that: We've got one daughter as well! ;)

heidi said...

congratulations! you guys are doing such a great job-- with married life and with baby! we love reading your blog and seeing beautiful Radha grow.

pdx elizabeth said...