Saturday, August 2, 2008

Congratulations Rishi and Sonia!

(from Ro)  My cousin Rishi from Toronto was married today to Sonia. Unfortunately we couldn't be there since we're not quite ready for plane travel with a little one yet. Rishi is only 11 months younger than me, so we've been like brothers from a young age.  In Indian culture, your Dad's brother is your Chacha, and his wife is called Chachi. So welcome to the family Sonia Chachi!

PS - These pictures were from a photoshoot we did to try and capture Radha on our infamous basement couch.  There are pictures of me at that age on the exact same couch.  we always said we would try and re-create my baby picture on the same couch 30 some years later, and then finally get rid of it!

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