Friday, August 1, 2008

Three month progress report

(from Ro)   Terri has been doing most of the updates lately, I guess it's time for a report from Dad!  After a month of so of my work leave, I've been able to spend lots of time with Radha while Terri works.  Of course, I'm an objective source when I say she's an amazing kid!  In the last few weeks, she's become very aware of the world, and is "talking" pretty constantly.  As the last update shows, she's a big smiler, especially when I'm twirling her around.  Her head control is almost all of the way there, which allows her to lift up during tummy time (see the picture), and she can mostly keep her head still when we prop her up in the sitting position.  Just three days ago, I started playing the airplane game with her, when I hold her up in mid air above me supporting her under her arms.  She loves that one, but it's a dangerous game for Dad cause the drool starts flying!

I also had to put this next picture up since it shows Radha's first time wearing shoes.  Robeez are my only brand name addiction for her.  Those dinosaurs are just too awesome!

Things are going well with my tasks for the break.  We've picked a child care provider for the two days a week that Terri will be working, and my Mom will be helping out on Mondays.  And, our big house project for the summer was finished this week.  Thanks to the City of Portland, we (by we I mean our hired contractors) had to replace our sewer line, even though the old one was fine.  At least it's done!  Landscaping will have to wait until next year ...

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