Saturday, August 9, 2008

Self Soothing

(from Ro) Now that Radha has passed the three month mark, she's showing more signs of independence. She's not objecting to the crib as much for daytime naps, which hopefully means our crib training for nighttime won't be too hard.  She's been able to stay on her own for two hours in the crib, even when she's not fully asleep the entire time.  One of the big reasons for this is that she's discovered her thumb!  It's amazing what a difference it has made in her fussing and sleeping habits.  Sometimes we have to even remind her that there's no milk in her thumb during feeding times!  And interestingly, she keeps going for the left thumb, so we may have a southpaw on our hands.  Her classic soothing position when she's lying on her back is to roll on to her left side, insert thumb into mouth, and put her right hand on her head. Though as the picture shows, having a toy in the other hand works too! 


PDX Elizabeth said...

Love this photo!

Kablammie said...

Two hours in the crib while awake...I can only dream. Yay for thumbs!

Really enjoying your blog and Radha updates.