Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Inaugural Overnight

(from Terri)
Considering Ro returns to work in a few weeks and Fall is soon upon us, we decided we had to get out to the coast at least once this summer, so we did.  We splurged for a motel room with an ocean view on the beach and decided that whatever happened with Radha, we would give it a try.

We were so glad we went.  Radha apparently was glad too for the change of pace.  Even though we were without her bouncer chair and the yoga ball (things that we use as part of daily routines), she was happy as a clam and we had our first overnight away from home.

The ocean air, miles of beach, seagulls, and SUN!  Our coastal trips are notorious for bad weather, but this one made up for past cold and wet trips.  Radha got to feel sand on her feet for the first time and dip her toes in a pool at the motel.  

I think the fact that Radha behaved wonderfully on the trip just made it so more relaxing for all of us.  More difficult times are ahead I'm sure, but at least we had good weather and good demeanors for this mini-vacation before things change again.

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Richa said...

oh she's such a little cutie!